April powers!

Hi All!  I have much to share and announce. Check it out!

SXSW was fantastic. I worked with a giant 8 piece band playing all original songs in Clark Dark & Starvon Washington’s intended arrangements. Thank you Austin, Scrote, and the excellent musicians who created music with me. I saw great bands, and was stoked show off my wares. Buzzbands LA’s Kevin Bronson had the below to say. Kevin has great taste. Keep up with the bands he’s discovering here: http://www.buzzbands.la

Buzzbands review SXSW 2014


RECORD RELEASE!:  My debut album, Volume One, will be out Tuesday, June 17th on Zappa Records. On that day, you can get your very own copy of this gorgeous object here:  https://barfkoswill.shop.musictoday.com. In the meantime, visit the Barfko Swill store and check out some Frank Zappa releases. In fact, I recommend you read up on Mr. Frank Zappa. He has populated our world with much brilliant art and perspective to learn from and be inspired by.

Volume One announcement on Zappa.com


SPANISH MAGAZINE INTERVIEW: Here is THE most in-depth interview I’ve done to date. A conversation with Spanish (as in Spain) Music Magazine, Efe Eme. I’ve gone International!

Efe Eme Interview: In Search of Excellence  http://www.efeeme.com/holland-greco-search-excellence/

THANK U! for reading. This is a wonderful and incredible journey. I’m so excited to release this two headed beast of a record into your arms. I hope you will all love it very much, as I do. I can barely wait to record new tunes, too! Perhaps I’ll get to record them soon and shoot them out like single silver bullets over the course of this year.

BONUS!  Live Video from Genghis Cohen.

Only Up From Here: Live video with lyrics!