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Hi All ~ Here’s an update on my 2013 goings-on.

Tunnel Vision & Murdergram are going to be released as one long-playing vinyl album on Zappa Records! I’m very excited about this! The LIGHT and the DARK sides of me will yin and yang dang doodle as one!  Tripsie Daisy!

Clark Dark & HG for MURDERGRAM

princessFrank & HG posing for TUNNEL VISION







I co-wrote and recorded a new album with the The Stripminers .   The songs are great.  I mostly play keyboards on this record, believe it or not.  ‘Twas a totally new experience for me.  I did, however, also get to sing lead and write the lyric & melody for one song, “Angels Devils”.  It’s an ode to my all-nighter party people friends whom have meant so much to me over the years.  I can hardly wait to share that with you.

The keyboard spaceship I played on The Stripminers’ new record. Most of these rad instruments were loaned to me by bass & tech god, Brett Simons. He’s a great dude.


The Stripminers at Stagg St. Studios after we tracked eternal life into our new songs!










April led me to MAUI to sing with Casino Royale.  We played & sang all the best 60’s songs for a big psychedelic party at the Grand Wailea resort.   They flew us all out there at the last minute, and I’m so glad!  Maui is a beautiful, beautiful lady, and quite a muse to me.  : )

Casino Royale just before hitting the stage in Maui…

I also played some wild odds n ends for AOEDE’s new album.  We recorded at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood.  It was my first time recording there, and I was thrilled.  The musician personnel was superb, and AOEDE’s writing very whimsical and fantastic.

In my iso booth playing for Aoede at Ocean Way. Yes, that’s a Michael Jackson gold? platinum? plaque on the wall just outside of the door.






I’ve also been active with princessFrank and the KILLSISTERS.  We played a couple of shows and are working on a video art project for Austin Young.  You can read about the concept by following that link.  I’m pretty sure you can even participate in the making of the video.  It’s an art project involving everyone who comes to set.

princessFrank and the Killsisters. photo by Michael Harpel of The Sundowners.


Is that it?     Hmmm….not quite.  I most recently sang lead on a couple of tunes in a show that was interpreting Burt Bacharach songs.  I did “Close To You” in a pretty wild way.  We performed the song just like the recording until after the instrumental section then played the entire song in reverse.  ‘Twas mind bending!!  I had a tripod up to record it, and as soon as I hit the stage for my numbers, the darn camera ran out of memory!! Krikey!  Meant to be?  Grrrr….There were MANY great musicians and singers on the gig.  We had a great time.

So, yeah!  Moving on!  I’ve been wanting to update this blog for a while ::wipes sweat from brow::.  It always feels good to get ‘er done.  I wanna end this with a throwback photo from my days with The Peak Show.  Here I am on stage with the B-52’s.  They invited us on stage to dance to Rock Lobster with them.  One my favorite moments ever!  I’m wearing the blue hat and pink flapper dress.

Be well.  Stay positive and do the things that your highest good inner voice is asking you to.

Oh my gosh!  I almost forgot!  Fun news! My very first talk show musical guest performance has aired! I play 100 Proof, from my debut E.P., Tunnel Vision, written with Clark Dark. The music starts at 20:55. Came out great!  Nicholas Burns & the Night Owls did a super job backing me up. Thanks friends!   100 Proof on the John Kerwin Show.


Rockin’ out with the B-52’s….one of my favorite bands of all time. This pic is old skool circa 2003!

With amazing, versatile singer, songwriter, and musician, Gaby Moreno at the Bacharach interpretation. She got out her big ole soul voice for this one!