The New New


I had an incredible experience writing songs during my artist residency with JTHAR in March of 2016.  Would you still like me if I shared a Desert Demo Double Feature with you?  Slow thy roll and gaze upon thy shoes…


T-love's Dash JTHAR 1st day of Spring 2016

The 100% real divine dash of long time photo, costume, and makeup collaborator, Taryn Nicole Piana. Photo by HG.

Follow the ongoing wonder, apply, and support  the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency here:

As you know, I’m always experimenting in different genres.  I also wrote a blues, a punkggae, and a shoegaze r&b flight.  You’ll hear them.  Clark and I have been rehearsing with some wonderful musicians, and we plan to start playing out regularly in late September of 2016.  Here are some pics of the material test & celebration show we did at HM157 on April 30, 2016:


THE STRIPMINERS:  broken filters  Is it Easter?

The tempo at which information comes in may increase, yet the simple bliss of drawing and exhaling breath remains ever constant.  How I love Earthen times and all their beauties.