Holland and Clark

Holland & Clark: Photo by Melanie Starks

I first met Clark Dark back in 2005 while I was living in Manhattan. My old band, The Peak Show, had broken up, and I was looking for a new writing partner. Clark and I were introduced by our mutual friend with impeccable instincts, Jason Jordan.

Clark and I met up at his then-casa in Weehawken, New Jersey, hit it off, and decided to have weekly writing sessions on Sundays from then up until I left New York to return to Los Angeles.

During that time we recorded these songs…..

1. Flashback – The Original! Clark’s production rocks…

[audio:http://hollandgreco.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Flashback-new-funkay-mix.mp3|titles=Flashback – Holland and Clark Original]

2. Well Enough Alone – Never released….the track came from The Resource, which Clark was working with at the time.

[audio:http://hollandgreco.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Well-Enough-Alone-Demo.mp3|titles=Well Enough Alone – Demo]

3. Sea Salt – with Ming & FS

Holland and Clark: Insanely Old Skool

There’s so much more to say! That was just the beginning!

The crazily old skool picture to the left was taken just before I moved home to Los Angeles. Clark and I had gone out on a mission in the East Village to pin Max Miceli’s art to various fixtures in the urban landscape. I published a photoblog about it a long-ass time ago on myspace. You can read it here if you’re interested.

But anyways…Clark and I stayed in touch. He would send me tracks, and I would write lyrics and melodies to them. We’ve always had a very “open source” type of relationship. What I mean is, that he has always allowed me to build on the things that we did together. Most of my current material with the trio (uke, drums, & bass) was written with Clark, but since we’re not in the same city I re-invented it, so that I can perform live. Gotta do it, yo.

Luckily, we have done ONE SHOW together at On The Rox (above the Roxy Theater on Sunset Strip) on January 28th, 2010. We hired a big old band….Check it out….

Holland and Clark: All photos taken by and copyright of Diva Zappa

Clark Dark….Guitar…………./……Jeremy Mage……Keys
Holland Greco…vox & uke…./… La Mer…………….Backup Vocals
Princess Frank…..Drumz……/…..Brian Warfield…..Trumpet
Alex Painter……Bass………./…….Ryan Porter……..Trombone

And VIDEO! A HollandGreco.com exclusive…Holland & Clark + 6 piece band play Butterflies! Yes, those are real horns, keys, & ain’t that guitar funky!! Michael Doherty and Cynthia Lugo shot the footage.

And “SAVE ME NOW” – shot by El Beatz!

Clark and I conspire to live in the same city and get even more prolific at some point in the very near future. Creating this page has taken me 4 evah. I need to stop now even though there’s more to tell. My bones are getting antsy….Maybe I’ll add more later.

Here’s Clark with Sade. A coupla’ beauties, those kids…

Clark & Sade

This is Clark’s myspace page. Save Me Now! and Reach For Me are two of my favorite songs. Clark also wrote a song with Sia called Be Good To Me. It was just released on her newest album. Here’s a video of her singing it live. U have to fast forward to 1:05 – that’s when the song starts ; ).